Expanding horizons

We invest in work that expands the horizons in horticulture. We're looking at how green spaces improve health and well-being. We're supporting research into how urban planting can reduce energy use in buildings.  We partner with research institutions, academics and the industry to tap the social, environmental and economic potential of plants, gardens and green spaces. It's a huge and fascinating area, and we hope you find this taster of our work interesting.

The Horticulture Innovation Partnership (HIP)

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HIP brings together bodies across the industry. It looks at opportunities for R&D investment to improve the nation's social, environmental and economic well-being.  For example, an HTA PHD in 2013 proved that climbing plants help to cool buildings in summer and insulate them in winter.

But this research also showed that individual plants have different insulating and cooling properties: a jasmine's different from ivy in how it helps cut energy bills and carbon use.  

We can promote these energy-saving benefits in broad terms but can't yet bring to market an ‘Energy Saving Climate Change Climber Pack’ which could offer specific ivies, roses, honeysuckles and jasmines for north, south, east and west walls.  

You can download the report of the HIP to get a better idea of the range of R&D and innovation we're fostering at the HTA.