Clusters are Coming

Many of you will have already seen the first round of cluster meetings advertised on the Facebook page.

All meetings are posted on The Association of Professional Landscapers Cluster Info Group. If you haven’t joined this yet then please follow the link and request to join you will receive all the updates on all meetings.

Cluster meetings form a very important part of the APL service to its members. Their aim is to:

- Share knowledge and experience between members,

- Introduce members from all sectors of the industry to each other (particularly landscapers and designers who can use the introduction to better understand their practices),

- Give APL Associate suppliers the opportunity to meet members and update them on any new products or techniques,

- and much, much more.

The cluster meetings are into their 4th year, with some groups established for that whole time.

But with a membership as diverse and widely spread as the APL it’s hard to accommodate all. So if you have not managed to get to a meeting due to distance, then please contact Phil Tremayne APL General Manager ( with your location. If there are enough people in the area who would like to attend and you know of a good venue then we will do everything we can to fit a meeting in.

The APL is a very inclusive organisation and does not want anyone to miss out.

The meetings are open to members and non-members (for a limited period). So if you have never attend one, make this your 2020 new years resolution. #WeAreApl.

Dates so far :

For more information on these either go to the Facebook page or contact Phil.

These meetings are open to all APL members including APL Designers, APL Professional Gardeners and APL Associates. They are also open to non-members, but non-members are allowed to attend a max of 2 meetings. Further meetings as a non-member are at the group's discretion. Some of these meetings are combined with SGD groups around the country, these are excellent opportunities for contractors to meet designers.

The dates of the cluster meetings can be found here.

If you do not have access to the page, please request permission and it will be reviewed as soon as possible. This group is open to all to join.

APL Cluster meetings have been very popular in the way they enable members to share best practice and industry issues in an informal yet structured fashion. APL Associates and suppliers are invited, but these evenings are not opportunities to provide sales pitches unless the group requests it. However new suppliers to the group are able to give a 5-minute introduction and overview of their company,  product/products and input into the discussions are welcomed and valued.

Attendees are taken from current lists of members and companies that enquired for membership. If neither of these are in your category the email Phil Tremayne to be added to the area/areas you wish to follow.

All meetings will start at 6.45 pm unless otherwise stated. All will be held in venues that provide food and drink at the member's expense (Generally public houses) and all usually finish no later than 10 pm.

Each meeting group will be notified at least two weeks ahead of the date of the venue and the topic of the meeting, plus there will be promotions on website and social media.

If a date is in your calendar but you have not received an official invite from Phil Tremayne then assume the meeting will NOT be taking place

If meetings need to be postponed/cancelled every effort will be made to do this at least 4 days before the evening and attendees will be notified.

The APL cluster groups form the very basis of the APL Community that has been built over the last 6 years. If you haven’t attended one then make 2019 your year. You will be welcomed and I guarantee you will come away with one great nugget of information. We are trying to spread the network, but I know we won’t please everyone. But please contact Phil Tremayne if you want a meeting in your area and are sure there will be enough people to attend (Min 6).

I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in 2020 at the clusters.

Your Meetings, for Your Association