The HTA’s new campaign celebrates a simple message … Gardening is Good for You!

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Gardening has many benefits for your health and wellbeing. These include providing exercise and staying active, relieving stress, grounding and connecting with nature, satisfying creativity and learning new skills, enjoying and sharing your garden with family and friends, and feeding your mind, body and soul.


This campaign aims to reach both new and existing consumers, engaging with them on a range of topics that reveal just how good gardening is for you, no matter your age or experience.

By taking a fresh approach to gardening through the context of health and wellbeing the campaign provides a broad opportunity to promote both plants and gardening. While the ornamental appeal of plants remains important, the campaign covers the full sensory value and experience of plants, like their fragrance and flavour, plus topics including growing your own tasty fruits, herbs and crops, encouraging wildlife, relaxation and mindfulness, and connecting with the natural world outside your own back door.


This new HTA campaign keeps gardening on the agenda throughout the year, with monthly topics promoting gardening, health and wellbeing activities. It highlights plants at their best, topical planting opportunities to create beautiful gardens and displays, plus timely activities to get you outside to enjoy your own personal space and share it with family and friends.

Garden centres can use their own creativity to interpret each monthly theme, producing topical displays that engage with customers to promote plants, pots, seeds, tools, accessories, landscaping ideas, books, and any other appropriate items they stock.


‘Gardening is Good for You!’ has wide-ranging appeal with opportunities to promote both plants and gardening. This new campaign allows growers and retailers to work together in creative ways to interpret themes and select a wide range of ‘Plants of the Moment’ and associated products to appeal to customers in their area.

Retailers can create fresh imaginative displays with linked sale opportunities each month.

Monthly campaign themes can also be used as the basis for blogs, articles, talks, demonstrations, and promotions to customers, local groups and gardening clubs.

Gardening really is good for you, and for the health and wellbeing of everyone!


‘Gardening is Good for You!’ reveals just how good gardening is for everyone with monthly themed articles, written by gardening consultant and journalist Adam Pasco.  



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