Reopening timelines and key information  


Re-opening date

Social distancing restrictions and guidance 


4 July – Confirmed 

Distancing: 2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable, is acceptable

Guidance: An advisory set of guidelines have been published

Compulsory rules: Cafes and restaurants will have to contribute to the Government's test and trace and apply by wider social distancing rules 

HTA Checklist applicable in England? Yes 


Outdoor seating – 6 July TBC (dependent on a review on the 2 July)  

Indoor seating – 15 July - TBC

Distancing: currently 2m – a review is expected to be published on the 2nd July 

Guidance: Initial guidance published on the 18th June. UK Governments guidance also applicable. 

Compulsory rules: Catering premises will have to contribute to the Government's test and trace program 

HTA Checklist applicable in Scotland? Yes


Timeline TBC

Distancing: 2-meter social distancing is law in Wales.  

Guidance: TBC. UK Governments guidance also applicable. 

Compulsory rules: TBC

HTA Checklist applicable in Wales? Yes

Northern Ireland 

3 July - TBC 

Distancing: 1m from the 3rd July with restrictions 

Guidance: An advisory set of guidlines have been published. UK Governments guidance also applicable.   

Compulsory rules: TBC

HTA Checklist applicable in NI? Yes  

*This grid will be updated regularly so check back for the latest developments* 



In England, the Government, in consultation with all three Devolved Governments, has published safe trading guidelines for Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services.  

The Scottish Government also published guidance for the hospitality sector on 18 June.    

The Northern Ireland Executive have published their guidance on working safely in Restaurants, Pubs, Bars and Food Services

Free member-only HTA and APL consultation 

Citation is running free consultations for all HTA and APL members to help support your business adjust to the ‘new normal,’ including catering operations. Find out how to book your appointment here.  

HTA – engaging with government to support our sector  

As well as the HTA checklist, member-only Citation consultations and keeping you informed of the latest timelines and guidance, the HTA is also engaging with government on catering reopenings in our sector.  

The HTA has already successfully challenged the Government in England on its regulation and has obtained clarity that all Garden Centre cafes and restaurants can re-open. Previously the regulations could have restricted any instore cafes from opening, with only those with direct access to the outdoors able to open.   

We are continuing to seek clarity from governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on your concerns ahead of re-openings, such as those around test and trace and social distancing.  

If you have any questions or any concerns ahead of you re-opening your catering premises please let us know at