We have paved, built walls and even faked it, but now for the finishing touches… It’s time to plant!

Very often the transformative period of the project, this seminar will explore the following topics;

The design process - Kate Gould will cover how to interpret a brief, the process and considerations to take when design a planting scheme, the role of the designer with the contractor and where should the liability lie?

Soil - Tim O'Hare will talk about soil types, problems and solutions. He will look at the recent issues with compaction in new builds and the soil that is left by builders. What can be done?


Its Just an Illusion - Mark Gregory and Kate Gould discuss some of their fantastic planting schemes at the shows both here and abroad. They will observe the difference between this and normal builds, but realising that the basic principles must still hold true.

Steve McCurdy looks at handling large mature stock, what machinery required, what tools and kit. What pits should be dug and anchoring and irrigation. Mark Gregory will then explain the logistics and considerations of a project with mature trees and shrubs.

Nick Coslett and Geoff de la Cour-Baker from Palmstead Nurseries Ltd talking about the methods of a production nursery with regards to supply. They will help explain their processes, lead times and the growing times of some of their more popular plants.

This will then lead on to Richard McKenna from Provender Nurseries who will cover the process of the supply chain from a cash and carry perspective. He will discuss the pros and cons and issues they face regarding stock, suppliers and biosecurity.

Paul Willavoys from Landscapeplus will then discuss covering a good understanding on what, when and how to Irrigate and ensuring your plants get established through positive irrigation so they thrive and survive, ensuring plant loses are kept to a minimum and the client gets the garden they deserve.

A session on planting combinations will be discussed by Jamie Butterworth. He will cover the 'right place right plant', and talk about combinations against stone and other surfaces.

Alistair Yeomans will be giving us a Bio- Security update, including what is being done and what landscapers and designers can do.

It promises to be an educational and inspirational day for all who attend. Prices are £65 + VAT for APL members and £70 + VAT for non-members.

If you have any queries please contact us on 0333 003 3550 or events@hta.org.uk


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