This one day technical seminar looks at the challenges of artificial landscaping.
Industry experts and practitioners will be on hand to provide information and technical knowledge about all aspects of everything ‘fake’ within landscaping.

Topics to be covered include:

Artificial grass

During this session we’ll be uncovering the various types and differences of artificial grass and what installation standards and techniques you need to adhere to when using artificial grass. We’ll also be looking at the sustainability of product, size of the market, environmental issues and import (China, Europe) pros and cons. Is this an expanding marketing and what exactly what does the future hold?

Composite Decking

The aim of this session will be to look at the different types of composite decking and the main differences between them.  Looking at installation standards and techniques (Clip systems, screws), environmental issues and the pros and cons of importing these goods.

Recycled products

In this session we will be looking at decking and mulch whilst looking into the sustainability of using recycled products and the growing demand for them.

Artificial Plants

In this session we will be looking at what the market has to offer and what are their uses? The main focus of this session will be on quality, cost and the best products on offer. This session will also cover; how can they be integrated into design with real plants and could this provide a solution to the problems we face regarding Bio Security?

Pots and Paving

There is a big move towards fake pots that look like granite, terracotta or steel. The focus of this session is to look at the pros and cons of using these and the cost comparisons between the two. We will also be covering paving and porcelain products that are printed to look like wood.


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