The HTA payment card processing scheme

As a HTA member you can likely save money and time through joining our card payment processing scheme. We constantly review this for value for money, and we're very excited to say that from 1 January 2018 we'll be able to provide substantially improved terms to HTA members. If you want us to send you details of the new deal when it's announced, please fill out the enquiry form.

Favourable rates

It's true there's never any shortage of 'special offers' floating around for low prices on payment card processing. But our scheme combines low rates with the assurance of a major organisation in the financial services world. We also monitor the rates of our partners to make sure they provide long term value - not just a low price special offer to suck you in.

Superior service

We work with our card acquiry partner to ensure that the service you get is top notch. That includes making sure that  statements are clear and accurate, and that the experience of joining is painless. As a garden centre joining the scheme, all you need to do is arrange a date that's convenient for you, and our partner comes in and manages the switchover of your tills for you.