Specialist business security consultants

Our consultancy Preferred Partners have years of experience in the retail sector, providing bespoke security solutions.  


B2b links - security equipment

B to B Links Ltd (B2B) has provided innovative Security Tagging, Product Protection, CCTV and Labelling solutions to HTA Members for nearly 10 years.   Since the company was founded in 2000, its key strengths have been excellent levels of customer service, its diverse product range and continued innovative product development to stay ahead of customer needs.   

B2B’s friendly team will work alongside you to help improve your security and can supply all the equipment you need to keep your staff, property and stock safe.   B2B also offers Smart Footfall counting systems which can measure customer dwell times and return visits.   

Contact: 0118 932 8088 / customer.service@btoblinks.net 

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