National Children's Gardening Week - 26 May to 3 June 2018

National Children's Gardening Week is about promoting the benefits that gardens and green spaces have for children. We're inviting HTA members to get involved in as big or as small a way as you'd like.  You could  download a children's gardening project idea with shopping list to handout or attach to your marketing. Or you could even host an event at your garden centre and register it on the National Children's Gardening Week web site. HTA retailers can order free point of sale, posters, and children's stickers etc to use in store.

In the build up we'll be in the media promoting the week, and we plan to publish research into the benefits for children's gardening so it should be a great (and free!) thing to tie yourselves in with.

Supporting Greenfingers Charity

National Children's Gardening Week is also being used to raise the profile of Greenfingers Charity to the general public. This should make it an exciting and motivating week for families and and colleagues working in the industry to get behind.

Get involved

Check out the National Children's Gardening Week web site 

Artwork and other assets from National Children's Gardening Week - Download

Point of sale, kids stickers, posters and more will shortly be available to order free of charge alongside your other Point of Sale material for National Garden Gift Vouchers -