Introducing National Garden Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher from 1981

A voucher from 1981

Launched in 1962, National Garden Gift Vouchers are available to consumers to buy and spend in garden centres and retail nurseries across the UK. Consumers make around two million visits into garden centres each year to buy and spend gift vouchers. This makes the scheme probably the UK's biggest and longest running promotional campaign for gardening.

The vouchers are accepted at around 1,800 leading gardening outlets across the UK.  Garden centres taking part in the scheme are entitled to free marketing support such as point of sale material for store and greetings cards and envelopes to go with the vouchers.

All participating stores are listed on an online store finder which is highlighted on the back of each voucher. This means anyone  with a gift voucher to spend near you will see your store listed when they check online where they can spend it.

To find out more about become a member of the National Garden Gift Vouchers scheme, just email us or call 0333 003 3550.