National Garden Gift Voucher expiry date policy

As a reminder, due to a change in accounting legislation HTA is now enforcing voucher expiry dates.

To help your till staff check voucher expiry dates we have provided a poster/leaflet for you to print out and use in staff training/briefing.

Download the poster

Amnesty - please act now

Since we were given notice of this change in legislation we have been working closely with appropriate bodies to try and mitigate the effects of this change on members.  To ensure that enough time has been allowed to train staff in this matter, we agreed an amnesty on vouchers with an expiry date of 31 December 2016 until 31 August 2017.  After this passed, you had until 30 September to present them to HTA for settlement.  Please ensure that expired vouchers are not accepted at your business from now onwards.

It is vital that we advise you that after the 31 August 2017 expired vouchers from 2016 cannot be redeemed.

Unfortunately we are duty-bound to adhere strictly to this new accounting standard. The impact on HTA's financials were we not to enforce expiry dates is significant and not sustainable.

We appreciate that this is a change in procedure. Until now we have helped all members redeem vouchers no matter how old. But due to this change in circumstances this situation must now change.

To mitigate risk to your business, we advise that you ensure that rotation of your gift voucher stock is managed with expiry dates in mind, and that you begin to train your staff around this issue.  If you have any queries on this matter please contact the HTA services team on 0333 003 3550 or email 

On a final (more positive) note, please do remember that the majority of customers spend voucherswithin two years of receiving them.  Also, the period of up to four years for a customer to spend the voucher before it expires remains quite generous compared with many other gift voucher schemes.  Our gifting scheme remains highly competitive and attractive to shoppers, and we look forward to working with you on it in future.