The HTA provides point of sale (POS) material to all National Garden Gift Voucher (NGGV) stockists, free of charge.

Why use point of sale?

Using point of sale can increase footfall by ensuring customers know that they can buy and redeem vouchers at your store. POS raises consumer awareness and purchasing.

The POS works in two ways. Firstly it shows shoppers that you accept and sell gift vouchers, and prompts some impulse purchasing. Secondly, it acts as a reminder to keen gardeners to suggest gift vouchers as a gift idea to their loved ones. This in turn generates footfall, as loved ones who would not usually go to a garden centre visit to purchase gift vouchers.

What point of sale?

The available POS can be used in different areas in and outside stores. We have larger, more durable items available for displaying outside. Smaller items such as table talkers and posters are for use within the store.
Seasonal POS is available at peak gifting times, such as Mother’s day and Christmas.

Point of sale catalogue