If you have not yet registered for a traders ‘EORI’ number for importing, you will automatically be assigned one by HMRC.

You must not ignore this letter if you receive it, and are urged to follow the HTA guidance on what to do once you get an EORI number.

  • Decide who will make customs declarations – are you going to ‘go it alone’ or employ a Customs Agent? The HTA recommends you seriously consider employing a Customs Agent, if your current goods handler cannot handle the paperwork for you.
  • Contact your supply chain and find out what their own No Deal preparations are.
  • Consider applying for Simplified Import Procedures, designed to make it easier to bring goods into the UK from the EU in a No Deal.
  • Check what tariffs (Customs Duty) will be applied to goods under WTO rules – plants currently are at 0% but other imported goods will have different tariffs applied.
  • Ensure you know what do to in order to comply with plant health controls, if you bring in plants or plant products.
  • Check to see what else you might need to do to prepare.