UK and EU EXIT – Preparing for a No Deal Exit

Notes as of January 2019

EU Exit Portal launched

Since August the UK Government has steadily published various technical guidance notes giving advice to businesses and individuals about being prepared for a no deal when the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019. This note contains information for HTA members about some of the guidance relevant to members.

Full guidance notes and other information can now be accessed via an EU Exit Portal. The portal, launched in January 2019 contains all the advice for individuals and businesses on preparing for EU Exit, with or without a deal.

Ther is also a brief update on the HTA News Pages

Advice to Businesses on No Deal Planning

  • Completely read and understand the implications of a no deal. Seek advice if necessary. The British Retail Consortium and Confederation of British Industry both have advice pages for businesses
  • Think about how you will need to adapt your activities to comply with new systems, processes and controls
  • Assess the impact of any changes on your business
  • Consider if you need to recruit & train additional staff
  • Stay up to date with changes by subscribing to Government e-mail alerts:-
  • If you import familiarise yourself with HTA's Importing advice on the Brexit page. this is in the form of both a slide presentation and a longer advice document.
  • General Brexit information can be found here, including advice for individuals and businesses :- EU Exit Portal
  • Sign up and read the HTA's E-News every Tuesday, it's free for everyone.  The newsletter includes initiatives, issues and comment direct to your inbox, email to subscribe.

UK Government Approach:

The technical guidance says that the UK Government still believes that a deal will be reached with the EU prior to 29th March 2019. However, it has published the guidance notes to allow people and businesses to start preparing should a deal not be agreed. The technical guidance also stresses the importance of the Northern Ireland border in the ongoing negotiations.

The Government has published an excellent "Partnership Pack"  which lays out in great detail the changes which will affect the UK border after a 'no deal' EU Exit. The pack gives comprehensive updates and advice to anyone who imports or exports both in and out of the EU and also in and out of third countries.