This report aims to outline the main reasons for the current extensive importation of Oak
(Quercus species) into the UK and to suggest solutions to enable more to be grown at home
to meet domestic demand. Oak represents by far the largest number of imported tree species.
According to UK Government statutory notification data, between 2013 and 2015 there were
1,597,567 trees imported, of which 1,117,696 were oak (Quercus species). The HTA’s aim in
producing this document is to gain recognition of this issue and support from the government to
boost UK production.

In the following pages, we set out the background to the situation, and the biosecurity risks
of continuing to import vast numbers of Oak trees. We identify the main barriers to
growing more oak in the UK, and how, with a collective will, we can overcome these to enjoy the
benefits of having a vibrant, resilient and successful Oak-growing industry.

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