Welcome to the HTA Academy

The HTA academy gives you all you need to support the people in your business grow and develop. 

Working with industry experts and experienced practitioners we have designed and created training that can help your staff develop and grow their knowledge within your business.

We offer a range of topics from compliance lead to retail and delivery methods from E-learning to Workshops.


Why is training important?

The UK has been in a prolonged period of weak productivity since the financial crisis. Brexit could be exacerbating the problem, as businesses turn back from investing in more efficient equipment owing to fears over the strength of the economy. Meanwhile, unemployment is at its lowest level since the mid-1970s - indicating that companies are preferring to invest in people rather than technology.

There is evidence that employment training can be effective in tackling this issue by not only bringing people back into work but by also helping them acquire new skills and move up on the ladder. In around half of the evaluations on this topic reviewed by the What Works Centre (WWC), employment training had a positive impact on employment, staff retention and efficiency.