Customer Service

This Spring the HTA and Sam Dowdall are bringing to you a one-off Customer Service workshop. The workshop will be covering:

Why is Customer Service so Important?  Because your income generation, job satisfaction and competitiveness depends on it and your customers expect it!'

14% of customers are lost on average per year because they are dissatisfied with goods or services, 68% BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT VALUED.

This One-Day Workshop provides participants with core customer care skills and knowledge that can immediately be taken back to the workplace.  By the end of the workshop you will have identified gaps in your skills, learnt from others and have a prepared action plan to take back to the business.

There are 7 elements to this workshop:  

  • Customers Welcome
  • What's the Offer
  • What is your Understanding
  • Delivering Service
  • Customer Communications
  • The Bad & The Ugly (Dealing with complaints & Feedback)
  • Promotion through Excellence



The price for this workshop is £120+VAT for members and £150+VAT for non-members.