An Evening with John Stanley: Looking at the Future of Garden Centres

In the last few months John has worked with garden centres in Australia, Sweden, Canada, USA and UK.

He will bring his ideas to Pentland Plants on what is changing in the industry globally and how these can be adapted to the British garden retail landscape.

9/03/2020 John Stanley Pentland Plants (Scotland) EH20 9QG £60

*These evening seminars are open to non-members at the rate of £75. 


The seminar will run from 6pm until 9pm with a light supper and refreshments served from 5:30pm.

Seminar content

  • Why the industry will have changed so dramatically by 2025
  • Russian garden centres have a hidden secret for success... John reveals that secret
  • The 71 tree challenge
  • Why Amazon should not be a threat to the industry, even if they do sell plants
  • New ideas in Merchandising and display
  • The new categories we should consider introducing to the industry
  • Relooking at existing product categories with new eyes
  • Adopting change in the garden centre


About John Stanley

John Stanley works with garden centres in 35 countries across the globe. He reads the changes in the marketplace as they are taking place and shares them with his clients. John and his wife Linda are also the owners of the award-winning Chestnut Brae, a sweet chestnut farm in Nannup in Western Australia. John has authored several books on garden centre management and has been a keynote speaker at the leading horticultural conferences around the world.

John’s retail experience covers hands-on retailing in supermarkets, hardware stores, garden centres, farmers markets and drug stores. He has the uncanny ability to assimilate international political, economic and consumer lifestyle trends, translate the macro to create appropriate strategies relevant to the local conditions and culture of his clients.  This skill maximises the opportunities for his clients that changing environments present.