Become a Game Changer...the Future Garden Centre


date workshop venue postcode member price*
01/03/18 John Stanley Torwood Garden Centre FK5 4EG £55




*This workshop is open to non-members at the rate of £75. 



The workshop will run from 6pm until 9.30pm, a light supper will be served at 5.30pm and refreshments at 7.30pm.


Workshop content

  • The traditional garden centre is dying whilst those with vision are growing their sales. 
  • What are the "winning ideas" that are being used by the Game Changers?
  • John will look at the strategies being introduced by the Game Changers to grow their businesses. 
  • The future is long as you change what you are doing


About John Stanley

John’s retail experience covers hands-on retailing in supermarkets, hardware stores, garden centres, farmers markets and drug stores. He has the uncanny ability to assimilate international political, economic and consumer lifestyle trends, translate the macro to create appropriate strategies relevant to the local conditions and culture of his clients.  This skill maximises the opportunities for his clients that changing environments present.



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