Introducing the Retail Lab

The Retail Lab showcases ideas and content on the ever-changing needs of shoppers. It's designed to inspire garden centres and their suppliers on how to adapt to these needs. Retail Lab brings to life all of the trends in shoppers and gardening and shows it as a living example of what the garden centre of the future could look like. It's leading edge, but at the same time presents things so that visitors can easily take away and apply what they see and touch.

Promoting the industry

The Retail Lab was the back drop for BBC Breakfast TV coverage which placed Glee 2017 on the national news. BBC Breakfast correspondent Steph McGovern reported live, putting Glee in front of an audience of over seven million. It's something we're using to promote gardening and our industry to the media and public. 

Where to see the Retail Lab

You can come along and see the Retail Lab at Glee 2019. It will also be making an appearance at events throughout the year, so do keep an eye out and come along to meet the future!