Spring Workshops

Booking now open for the 2018 Spring Workshops.

In spring 2018 we have redesigned two very popular workshops for our members. Selling More Plants, delivered by Helen Chambers and Visual Merchandising, delivered by Sarah Manning. Both Sarah and Helen are experts in their fields with decades of experience in the industry.

Thanks to your feedback we are introducing a new course- Advanced Visual Merchandising. Delivered by Simon Askew this course is designed of those who want to take their Visual Merchandising to the next level and have their own in-house champion. We will offer one VM+ course this Spring with the hope to roll it out in our Autumn offering.


Date workshop venue postcode member Price*
30/01/18 VM Whitehall Garden Centre SN15 2LZ £125
31/01/18 SMP St Peters Garden Centre WR5 2NY £125
07/02/18 SMP Bodmin Nursery PL30 5JU £125
22/02/18 SMP Torwood FK5 4EG £125
27/02/18 SMP Coolings Nursery TN14 7NN £125
27/02/18 VM Mackenzie & Cruickshank IV36 2GW £125
28/02/18 VM+ Bents Garden Centre WA3 5NT £145












*Workshops are open to non-members at the rate of £250 for VM or SMP workshops and £270 for VM+.


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Selling More plants (smp)

1 Day Workshop 9:30– 16:00 

Plant areas are what set our Centres apart from other retailers - yet selling plants has never been more challenging. Smaller gardens and less knowledgeable customers mean that increasing the value of plant sales is more difficult than ever.

This workshop looks at the principles of selling and helps to give delegates the confidence to turn a customer’s desire for a plant into cash in the till, and to raise the value of the sale.











Visual merchandising (VM)

1 Day Workshop 9:30– 16:00 

Creating a shopping environment that’s pleasurable and easy to use is often just as important as the products you sell. Not any members of staff realise the importance of a good visual effect, or understand how to create an impact with their display.

This course is designed to help your staff recognise good and bad practices, and create effective displays. They will learn simple yet key skills, including the correct way to use colour, and how to guide the customer’s eye to where you want it.












Advanced Visual Merchandising (VM+)

1 Day Workshop 9:30– 16:00 

This course is designed for those who have attended the Visual Merchandising training. Delegates will learn more advanced techniques to create displays and use seasonal products in the most productive way. As well as having an in depth understanding of how to create excellent customer flow throughout their centre. Ideal for those who want to champion Visual Merchandising within their business.