Autumn Workshops

Booking now open for the 2018 Autumn Workshops.

Thanks to your feedback we have built on our popular visual merchandising course to introduce a new course targeting specific areas of visual merchandising within a garden centre, including Christmas gifting. This course is designed for those who want to take their Visual Merchandising to the next level and already have some experience of vm techniques. We are also introducing a cultivating sales workshop, enabling your staff to excel by implementing sales & customer service techniques, during the busy festive season.



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Visual merchandising (VM-X): 'Christmas'

1 Day Workshop 9:30– 16:00 

This is an advanced visual merchandising course aimed at teaching the delegates the principles used in high-end retail Christmas merchandising to get the most from your christmas decoration and plant displays. They will be out on the shop floor, learning techniques to build eye-catching and shoppable displays that they will be able to bring back and re-create in store. Effective visual merchandising will enable your customers to easily interact with your inspirational displays, providing a memorable christmas shopping experience for all.   

This course is designed to help your staff recognise good and bad practices, and create effective displays. They will learn simple yet key skills, including the correct way to use colour, and how to guide the customer’s eye to where you want it. 











Cultivating sales (CS)

1 Day Workshop 9:30– 16:00 

This is a course that combines the Selling More principles and Customer Service.

Allowing the delegates to develop skills in basic sales and closure techniques whilst incorporating the fundamental customer service skills needed to sell throughout the busiest shopping seasons.

It is aimed at staff productivity and customer experience ahead of the holiday season.