2016 UK gardening market size and trends report published.

We provide gardening market research and statistics.  We've got data on the value of different garden markets and trends in them, and our market information team is on hand to help you use them.  

Members get our quarterly Market Update - a detailed view of the state of trade with a feature on topics like consumer trends or new technologies.  

Our Garden Spender Segmentation describes  what different types of householder think, feel, do and spend on their gardens, and can be used to target the highest spending areas with promotions.  Our Selling Plants Profitably resources use video eye tracking to see how shoppers and purchase in store - it is one of many resources based on market research that helps HTA members increase sales.  Check out this clip.


We provide  wages and salary benchmarking reports and sales and retail sales benchmarking systems such as our Garden Retail Monitor so you can see how your business is performing compared with overall market and industry norms.  Use the links to the right to find out more about what we do.

So if you want facts, figures, statistics or other stuff on what makes gardening and gardeners tick, the chances are our market information team can help you.