The size and importance of the UK horticulture industry 

HTA and industry partners have produced a report assessing the many ways horticulture boosts the UK's economy. It also describes the many benefits on physical health, mental wellbeing and social and environmental issues. Key findings include:

>  £24.2billion contribution to national GDP in 2017  

>  568,700 jobs supported across the country

>  25.5million tonnes of C02 was removed from the atmosphere by vegetation in 2015

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Garden market analysis report

A large and comprehensive report looking at the state of the garden market and the many drivers effecting it. This report is available to HTA members free of charge, or £1,295 + VAT for non-members. 

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Selling plants profitably

These resources look at ways to increase garden centre sales and profit. Using eye-tracking footage, they show the plant area as shoppers see it, and highlight simple and less obvious ways of increasing shopper spend and satisfaction.

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How do shoppers see garden centres?

This report uses eye-tracking video footage to show what aids and gets in the way of shopper purchasing.

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Wages and labour benchmarking

We survey members to benchmark salaries for key roles in different sectors.  The reports also look at key ratios, such as wage costs as a percentage of turnover.  These reports are available to HTA members free of charge - please login to access the reports

We also tracked changes in the volume of growing media manufacturers' sales into the UK.  The report breaks the figures down by type of growing media, and shifts in the mix of ingredients.  

 Growing media market monitoring 2015.docx