Your voice in government

If you're one of our members, then you belong to an industry that contributes over £24 billion to the UK economy. You're part of making the UK a green and pleasant land to live in. You're part of an industry that benefits our citizens' health and the environment. We work with government to make sure they know this, and that their policy helps our members to contribute and thrive.

Consulting and campaigning

On major issues, we consult with members on the position we should take, and collect data through member surveys to support our arguments.  We run major campaigns, and are heavily focused on representing horticulture's interests in post-Brexit Britain. But it's not all high profile. Quite often our best wins are where a proposed change doesn't happen, like the proposal in Westminster to move the May Day bank holiday to October, a move that would have cost the industry millions had we not worked with others to head it off.

How we influence

Government likes to hear an industry speak with one voice. That's why we work with bodies like the RHS, NFU, BALI and many others to present a joined up stance. We do this through the Ornamentals Round Table forum. This is a regular 'summit' attended by senior staff and ministers at Defra. Concerns are presented at the meetings, and advice and support are given on how to address issues of interest to our industry. 

We also sponsor an All Party Parliamentary Group for Horticulture. MPs and members of the Lords are members, and through it we can take soundings and advice on how to proceed with arguments we need to make within government.