Following a review carried out over the last few months, the HTA Board has decided to appoint a Chairman to assist the Board in co-ordinating the activities of the Executives and their teams at Horticulture House.

Adam Wigglesworth, President, said: -

“The Board of the HTA has decided that the interests of the Members are best served by appointing a professional Chairman. He or she will be able to give the time and energy to ensuring that the strategic objectives of the Association are being achieved. In addition, the Board will be expecting the Chair to represent the HTA at a senior level to Government and other stakeholders.”

Adam added: -

“The Executive Team, headed by Alex Vick, are specialists in their areas, and I have no doubt that the individual, whether from the industry or not, will quickly be able to get up to speed on the significant issues for the members.”

“The Board will now commence a selection process with the aim of employing the new Chair in the next 6 months.”

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