Are You Ready? – 5 Essential Actions for EU Exit

  1. Make sure you have the correct EORI number
  2. Check your arrangements from 1 January for making or deferring customs declarations.
  3. Make sure you are registered on PEACH and as a Place of Destination (POD) for importing plants – watch the PEACH tutorial and read the PEACH user guide
  4. If you export plants make sure you know the arrangements and prohibitions, including the recent announcements for Northern Ireland such as the Movement Assistance Scheme There is also news on a lifting of prohibitions for some plant types & species. 
  5. Check arrangements & terms with all your suppliers, both EU and UK based, and read all the information on the plant health portal and

Government Contacts

Finally for any questions at all about importing & exporting there are plenty of Government helpline numbers and emails; -

  • UK Government Business Helpline (Main Number for any query) 0300 2000 900 
  • Defra Plant Health (EU Exit Queries) E-mail
  • APHA (Plant Health Helpline) England & Wales Telephone 0300 1000 313
  • SASA (Importing Helpline) Scotland Telephone 0300 244 1455
  • PEACH Helpdesk (For advice on using the system for prenotification) 0345 607 3224
  • Plant Importing Queries (Defra / APHA helpline) 0300 100 0313
  • CITES 0117 372 3700
  • Trader Support Service (for Northern Ireland traders)
  • HMRC Commodity Codes
  • HMRC Import/Export helpdesk (for customs queries) 0300 322 9434

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