EU Exit - IT Systems Update - PEACH & IPAFFS

24 December 2020

As we have previously communicated, from the 1 January traders will be using the current plants services, PEACH and eDomero, to submit import notifications for plants and plant products. 

Transition to IPAFFS

Then at a point within the first half of 2021, traders will transition to the new services (IPAFFS & EHCO) and Defra are working through that approach – with both the timing and phasing of the migration to the new systems. 

Defra will be contacting traders in advance with guidance and support on transitioning including how to register for the services.  

This means that Defra have understood that offering businesses flexibility is of importance, particularly during busy trading times, and therefore the migration will be managed in a way that makes it as smooth as possible to avoid disruption to trade.  T

So, to be clear, those businesses using the PEACH system to notify imports of high-priority plants from the EU, Defra intend to offer a flexible transition period, which will not commence as previously stated in February 2021. 

HTA will be working with Defra on how the businesses will move across to the news import & export systems, and we will provide more specific details on timings in the New Year.

PEACH Training & Help

In the meantime, this means PEACH will be utilised for a longer period of time by plant importers, as will e-Domero for exports.

To help you learn how to make pre-notifications Defra have released a YouTube video on how to do this. There is also a User Guide available and a step by step process on how to register on both PEACH & e-Domero.

As a supplementary piece of information, Defra have written a brief guide on how to complete the spreadsheet to record details of imported plant material for uploading on to the PEACH system, which shows a couple of ‘hacks’ to the system in case you are importing a species not on the list or can’t find something in the drop down list of plants.

There is also a PEACH helpdesk number 0345 607 3224 which you can ring if there are any questions on how to use the system., plus an email address

Finally for any questions at all about importing plants, you can call 0300 100 0313

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