What is Plant Healthy?
If you are a grower, garden retailer or landscaper you can visit the
Plant Healthy website (planthealthy.org.uk) to find useful
information about plant health and a self-assessment tool to help
you assess how 'Plant Healthy' your business is. There are pointers
on how your business can improve based on the Plant Health
Management Standard - a set of practical requirements for
businesses to help protect the horticultural supply chain.


The Plant Healthy Certification Scheme (PHCS)
In response to the critical threat posed by Xylella fastidiosa and
other plant health risks, HTA and our partners are developing the
PHAS. It is being designed to mitigate, protect, and
potentially compensate horticulture businesses from the risks posed
by a serious plant health incident. 

Plant Passports

Every plant traded into and around the UK needs to travel with a
plant passport. Businesses involved in selling to other businesses,
partnerships or sole traders need to be authorised to issue
plant passports and need to register with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to enable them to do so.

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