An introduction to the regulations

Businesses that turn over more than £2 million and handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging waste must comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations. We have two products for our members to help comply. The first is the Threshold Calculator to see if you’re producing more than 50 tonnes of packaging waste, which can be tricky to work out. The second is the WorkBook that shows you what your obligation is under the regulations if you ‘qualify’. They're both spreadsheets, and they work by you entering data about your business. Based on your input, they give you data and information on compliance for your business. The products are approved by the Environment Agency.

The Threshold Calculator

The Threshold Calculator is a spreadsheet and comes with instructions on how to fill it out. We've produced versions for commercial growers and garden retailers. The calculations are based on your turnover in different categories.  The calculator shows you whether or not you fall within the packaging waste regulations by calculating how much packaging waste you are likely to be producing.

The WorkBook

Like the Threshold Calculator, we have versions of the WorkBook for commercial growers and for garden retailers. The WorkBook includes the Threshold Calculator but also shows what your recycling and recovery obligation is if you're producing more than 50 tonnes of packaging waste. 


The Threshold Calculator costs £185 in 2021. The WorkBook varies in price according to your turnover (as reflected in the band of your HTA membership subscription - see table). You can purchase the calculator to check if you need the WorkBook and, if you do need the WorkBook, you can deduct the price of the calculator from that of the WorkBook.

Your membership band Price (ex. VAT)
5 £382.50
6 £595
7 £670
8 £737
9 £922.50
10 £984.50
11 £1,125 
12 £1,210 
13 £1,355 
14 and above £1,513 

What to do if you fall within the regulations

Joining a Packaging Compliance Scheme is a good way of complying with the regulations. You'll need to do the following, which joining a scheme will help you with:

  • Register with the relevant agency by 7 April each year (the Environment Agency in England, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency in Northern Ireland and Natural Resources Wales in Wales)
  • Meet your recovery and recycling obligation for your packaging handled in the previous year
  • Provide a certificate of compliance to the relevant Agency by 31 January of the following year

How to join a scheme

We recommend HTA members join the WastePack packaging compliance scheme.  But whatever scheme you join, you’ll need to check it's timescales as you usually have to register early in the year. 

Further advice and information

ecoVeritas compiles the WorkBook and operates our Waste Regulations advice line. They will be more than happy to check the WorkBook for you before you send it in, but do allow 2 to 3 working days at least before the deadline. 

Contact the Waste Regulations Advice Line via  or call 0333 005 0177.

Click here to download the Packaging Waste Compliance 2021 information sheet

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