Ornamental horticulture - a strategic industry

HTA is at the forefront of research to show that UK horticulture improves the health, wealth and hapiness of the nation. We work with the government and partners to make sure this evidence is understood and acted upon in the UK government's policy development.

Ornamental horticulture contributes £24.2 billion of GDP to the UK economy and employs 370,000 people. The UK's domestic gardens cover an area roughly three times the area of greater London, providing habital for millions of insects and animals. Our parks and public gardens contribute over 1 billion to UK tourism. The plants and trees ourindustry grows make a huge contribution to our evironment, health and well-being. For instance the cooling shade of trees saved the UK £248 million in 2017 by maintaining productivity and lowering air conditioning costs in 2017.

Published papers

The 'Oxford Economics' report as it has become known details the economic contribution our industry makes to the UK. We lead a cross-industry project through the Ornamental Horticulture Roundtable to commisison and deliver this report which continues to shape thinking in government about the role of our industry in the life of the UK.