Following the success of the 2015 APL Apprenticeship Programme, this year's cohort of 12 places are now open for registrations (member and non-member) onto the 2016 APL Apprenticeship Programme.

If you are interested in expanding your business by recruiting a new member of staff, or training an existing staff member, then the 2016 APL Apprenticeship Programme will provide you with quality learning, delivered in a more manageable way.

Gabriel Pol, Director of Green Rooms Landscapes and Gardens Ltd recruited Harry onto the 2015 APL Apprenticeship Programme and said "Before taking advantage of the apprenticeship programme we were finding it difficult to recruit a new young staff member who had the right mix of intelligence and work ethic to stick at it. Through the APL apprenticeship scheme we now have a great new member of our team who we know will be with us for a minimum of two years and is committed, hardworking and good to have around."

A delivery partnership between the APL, Myerscough College and the Landscape Skills Academy will provides you with re-assurance that the support and learning received are to industry standard, pace and quality. Throughout the 2 year apprenticeship programme the apprentice will take part in a total of seven, five-day long bootcamps delivered away from the workplace. The bootcamps provide highly intensive and practical learning experience off the job, where as an employer you will see a difference in the knowledge and skills that the apprentice brings back to the workplace.

The apprenticeship programme is based on a qualification called the Diploma in Work-based Horticulture (Level 2). This qualification has a number of learning areas (listed below) which will be assessed by the apprentice producing work based evidence and uploading onto an e-Portfolio system, alongside intensive off the job training, in the form of the Bootcamps.

Support will also be provided by the team in the form of employer visits to your premises, to support you and the apprentice with encouraging and structuring learning opportunities in the workplace.

Apprentices will be focusing on the following areas:
• Monitoring and maintaining health & safety 
• Maintain and develop personal performance 
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others 
• Clearing horticultural and landscaping sites 
• Levelling and preparing sites for landscaping 
• Prepare and construct new structures or surfaces 
• Construct and maintain paths 
• Installing flag stone surfaces 
• Use and maintain non-powered and hand held powered tools and equipment 
• Load and unload physical resources within the work area 
• Establishing plants and or seeds in soil

For further guidance including entry requirements and funding please go to the APL website at To register a place(s) for the programme contact Penny Evans, APL Academy and careers manager on 07739 325 408 or email

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