The February 2019 issue of HTA Market Update, published this week, reports that nationally, garden centre sales experienced strong growth of 11% in January 2019 compared to January 2018. 

Despite concerns over Brexit deals and the UK’s economic situation remaining, plant and non-plant categories experienced significant growth, contributing to a strong month. The houseplants trend remains popular with sales up 15% for the rolling year. January 2019 was considerably drier than January of last year, encouraging more consumers to venture outdoors. 

Both petrol and diesel prices decreased in January, with petrol dropping 1.6p and diesel dropping 2.2p. This is positive for the consumer’s financial position, as well as reducing business costs through the supply chain.


The trend pick for this month’s Market Update looks at Foresight Factory’s ‘The Indulgence Equation’ which says that consumers are more aware than ever of the costs of excess in every area of their lives – from waste, food and drink, to their health, finances and appearance. In response, the practise of offsetting moderation with indulgence is growing. This feature gives practical tips for businesses to help consumers satisfy their desire to cut back, using reward systems, offering healthy alternatives and reducing packaging.


The February edition of HTA Market Update is now available free for members to download from the HTA website, by logging in and then going to the Market Information pages.  This issue looks at garden centre sales, overall market performance and contains a section on trends and a topical feature about water, water abstraction licensing and consumer attitudes to water consumption.


For a copy of the report please contact the HTA Media Office.

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