Love the Plot You’ve Got team unveils new annual event

Al Fresco Fortnight, a new annual flagship event ‘Love the Plot You’ve Got’ campaign is being launched in 2016.  Kicking off on Father’s Day, Sunday 19 June, the event will aim to get as many people as possible to eat outside at least once over the two-week period.

The fortnight will cover the summer solstice, allowing for the optimum number of daylight hours in which to be outside.

The horticulture and leisure and outdoor furniture industries are being asked to embrace this exciting new event.  To entice organisations the length and breadth of the UK, all marketing materials for Al Fresco Fortnight will be freely available to any companies wanting to take part and maximise sales.

Consumers will be encouraged to undertake different stages of the journey to preparing for their Al Fresco event across multi-channel communications:

  • Plan: Do you want your Al Fresco event to be a party on the patio, romantic dinner for two, a family get-together or dinner for Dad?
  • Prepare: Visit your local garden centre to see what offers are available for Al Fresco Fortnight.  Get advice and products on how to refresh your outdoor space to make it suitable for entertaining. 
  • Enjoy: Host your Al Fresco event and stay out till the sun goes down.
  • Share: Go on social media and send us some snaps of your Al Fresco event to win prizes.

The LTPYG team is asking the industry to get in touch and work with them to create fresh, original content to post on the website and share across social media to inspire the nation to get outside. 

Keith Nicholson, Chair of the Gardening Industry Marketing Board and Marketing Director of Westland Horticulture said:

“The primary aim of this flagship event is to get people entertaining, eating and enjoying outside and giving them the freedom, inspiration and confidence to enjoy and improve their outside space exactly as they wish.

“We believe that this campaign will inspire consumers to spend more time outside improving the plot they’ve got and stimulate them to take that all-important first step to going to a garden centre.”

The new Al Fresco Fortnight logo was designed by Source Design, a creative and digital design agency based in Shropshire.

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