HTA Plant of the Moment for December

What better way to celebrate the season and bring festive cheer to your garden than with two traditional Christmas favourites – Holly and Ivy. Countless cards carry their image, often with leaves touched by frost or covered with a crisp layer of snow, and your garden displays will have even greater appeal.

Both plant families offer a wide range of wonderful evergreen varieties, with many boasting beautifully variegated leaves. Fruits and berries provide seasonal food for hungry birds, but if you want a few sprigs to enjoy indoors you’ll need protect berry-laden branches with pieces of tightly fastened fine netting or fleece to keep birds away.


 ‘Golden King’ – Berrying female variety

‘Silver Queen’ – Male variety

‘J.C. van Tol’ – Self-fertile berrying female variety

Hedgehog Holly (Ilex ‘Ferox Argentea’) – Male variety



 ‘Sulphur Heart’ (also sometimes called ‘Paddy’s Pride’)

Hedera colchica ‘Dentata Variegata’

‘Glacier’ – versatile variegated variety, often used in indoor arrangements

‘Ivalace’ – attractive crimpled and lobed green leaves


Houseplant of the month: Anthurium

Attractive to look at, easy to look after, Anthurium brings a real personality to the home. It can give a serene feeling in white, whilst the brightly coloured varieties have a lively appearance. Although most people think that the coloured part is the flower, it’s actually a coloured bract. Anthurium’s flowers are very small and are all found on the spike. 

Sales and display tips for Anthurium
Red, white and green anthuriums are ideal for a fresh, contemporary December arrangement. Display them with some Christmas decorations, keep it sleek and modern: black shiny pots, silver and gold. Give the plant a bit of room: the profusion of stems and flowers look best if they’re unrestrained. Anthurium has attractive, thick roots which lend added value to the plant’s appearance in a glass pot or vase. Small pot sizes can be wrapped in peat moss (kokedama), or add sparkle by placing it on a plate or dish as an alternative Christmas bauble.

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Thanks to Adam Pasco and the Flower Council of Holland for the information contained in this article.

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