“Today’s announcement by the Chancellor is deliberately aimed at the hospitality sector. However, the Government has missed the opportunity to use the ‘green economy’ as a way to protect, develop and grow the economy in a post-Brexit, post-COVID environment. The Government omitted support for Britain's growers, who play a vital role in meeting this country’s environmental targets. We hope the Government will announce long-awaited support for our under-pressure sector, soon. The Government should be looking at how to green our economy in science and research, in horticultural production and in environmental control systems. Now, more than ever, we need to build domestic production, to provide resilience that comes with a strong UK based horticultural industry.

On the jobs retention bonus: Is unlikely to have much impact amongst horticulture businesses. The Government would be much better placed ensuring that post-Brexit trade does not increase costs and cause harm, providing our members with confidence to invest in jobs and training for the next season. 

On the Eat Out to Help Out: We are working on the assumption that garden centre cafes will be included, but need to see the specifics details – expected on Monday – for how this will work in practice. It needs to be simple and easy for garden centres to administer.

Temporary reduction in VAT on food in hospitality: A reduction in VAT should have been extended to the wider retail industry, particularly on plants to help to continue to support our British growers and garden centres.

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