The HTA subscription rates for full members is based on turnover bands with members having been requested to declare their turnover annually. Currently, less than a third of members declare their turnover, so in order to treat all members fairly, a membership banding verification policy and procedure is being introduced in 2019. This will mean that all full members will be required to submit turnover figures and provide evidence. This will be a requirement every two years.

Benefits of introducing this policy:

It ensures that all full members are treated fairly with regard membership subscriptions

It provides a clear policy and procedure for members and the HTA office

It enables the HTA to deliver the valuable work achieved on behalf of the membership

In order to avoid a peak of activity for such submissions in the membership renewal window, we will be asking all full members to provide their turnover information in the coming weeks.

For information, the membership banding verification policy and procedure can be viewed here (note, you need to be logged in to view this).  Should you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or feedback with this, please contact Services on 0333 003 3550.

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