National Conifer Week is set to take place from 24 September – 2 October 2016 with many garden centres across the country highlighting conifers with eye-catching displays, demonstrating the variety and choice of conifers available.

Conifers have several advantages for all types of garden; many have good aesthetic qualities, they are low maintenance and they provide structure and colour all year round.  

From a small balcony with room for a container, to acres of grounds with space, conifers can add another dimension to any garden. Conifers can also add year-round drama, whether as a backdrop, a standalone feature, or in a border with other plants.

They are extremely versatile, coming in an amazingly diverse range of shades, textures, shapes and sizes.  A potted conifer can be used to brighten up a doorstep or balcony, whilst planted conifers can create height and add fantastic accent pieces to any garden.

For more information about conifers visit our British Conifer Group page.

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