Following the cessation on 1 January 2020 of the current Distributor Takeback Scheme for WEEE (Waste Electric & Electronic Equipment) products sold by retailers, the HTA in collaboration with others helped design a new interim scheme which was proposed to Defra for consideration.

On the 23 December DEFRA made the decision to approve the proposal put forward by the collaborative team for an Interim Phase 5 Distributor Takeback Scheme, but restricted it to larger retailers only (Bands A & B businesses in the existing DTS) with an end date of 31 December 2020, after this date larger retailers will be required to take back WEEE products in store in line with the current Regulations.

Smaller stores (Band C members of the current DTS scheme) and online retailers with no physical presence will be able to continue their membership until the scheme expires on 31 December 2021.

The Office for Product Safety & Standards will be communicating with all retailers explaining their obligations, and in the short term, no immediate action will need to be taken to establish in-store take-back facilities.

The HTA was amongst other representatives from the retail world on a steering group led by Valpak and the BRC which designed & proposed the new scheme to Defra, which will be amended by scheme operators Valpak to reflect Defra’s requirements. Valpak have written to all current scheme members to explain the new scheme and will be re-writing the proposal to reflect the Governments amendments.

The HTA will continue to work with Valpak,  Defra and others to represent the interests of HTA members.

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