November 2018 Water Update

The water situation in England is still of concern in the east more than the west. 

Below is a pdf detailing the situation in England. There are projections for next year based on various rainfall levels which should assist growers with crop planning.

Water Situation Report November 2018


The situation is covered in more regional detail (including Scotland & Northern Ireland) in the report below.

CEH Water Report November 2018


Meanwhile growers should take every opportunity to fill their reservoirs.  With Hands-Off-Flows in operation don’t miss the days that you can fill. 

There are letters being  sent out by the Environment Agency which are advising abstractors of possible restrictions over this winter.  It is NOT the case that you cannot abstract at all this winter, and if you receive an EA letter please check with your local office on the daily situation.

There is a web site that has weir levels published and you can check the level against your licenced Hands-Off-Flow level.    You can always phone the Nurserystock help line for assistance in that matter. 

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