Nearly £5m of National Garden Gift Cards in circulation

National Garden Gift Card sales by garden centres hit record levels over the Christmas period, which will help to boost garden centre footfall in the coming season.  There are now over £4.7m of unspent garden gift cards in circulation, with most set to be spent in garden centres soon.

Lower costs, better cash flow

You can now sell National Garden Gift cards. There’s no need to post bits of paper back to HTA with redemption claim forms – settlement is all done electronically. You also don’t have to pay in advance for gift card stock, which makes the cash flow so much better for you than the paper schemes.

What do other garden centres say?

If you’d like to read how Abercorn Garden Centre, or Hillview Garden centres or New Hopetoun garden centre are finding National Garden Gift Card, please do look at their testimonials.

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New wallet designs

Of course, the paper gift voucher scheme is still alive and well. One of the things garden centres asked for last year was better wallet designs, and more choice over what designs you’re able to order. From February we’ll be launching eight new wallet designs taken from the winners of our national photography competition. They’re our most inspiring set of images yet, and because they’ve been submitted by customers we can be confident they’ll appeal. What’s more, you’ll also be able to order the wallet designs you want rather than just having to order mixed selections of designs. Ask about this service from February, and thanks for sharing your feedback with us so we could make this happen.

Coming soon - more improvements

In 2018 we’ll use the National Garden Gifting schemes to support National Children’s Gardening Week, which will be a great way of encouraging young families into garden centres; It runs from 26 May to 3 June. We'll also be using the schemes and their social media channels to promote gardening generally. We’ll be repeating our national garden photography competition, and providing you with resources like ideas for gardening projects you can use in your own marketing.  And finally, we've been negotiating a new deal with UPS to improve the delivery and returns service for paper vouchers.  We'll be announcing details of this in the coming weeks.

More information will follow, and will posted on our garden gifting section of our web site.

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