The Government has now published its long awaited Resources & Waste Strategy for England.

In summary, there are several implications for HTA members included in the stated objectives, and 4 consultations announced for early 2019, all of which concern the HTA and its members in some way.

One of the implications for members is that businesses and producers will have to pay full cost of recycling or disposing of their packaging waste, which is currently set at 10%. This is intended to raise a revenue of £1 billion which the Government says will be used to overhaul England’s existing complicated recycling and waste system.

The four major consultations are:

  1. Implementation of a deposit return system
  2. Packaging system reforms and packaging targets for 2020 onwards
  3. Consistency of councils’ recycling services to customers
  4. HM Treasury’s consultation on a tax on packaging items with less than 30% recycled content

The HTA will, of course, represent members views by responding to all the consultations and lobbying Government on our members behalf. Members are also encouraged to both send their views in to the HTA for representation and answer consultations individually, thus doubling our voice to Government.

In more detail, the Resources and Waste Strategy sets out how government will:

  • Ensure producers pay the full net costs of disposal or recycling of packaging they place on the market by extending producer responsibility – up from just 10% now.
  • Review our producer responsibility schemes for items that can be harder or costly to recycle including cars, electrical goods, batteries and explore extending it to textiles, fishing gear, vehicle tyres, certain materials from construction and demolition, and bulky waste such as mattresses, furniture and carpets.
  • Introduce a consistent set of recyclable materials collected from all households and businesses, and consistent labelling on packaging so consumers know what they can recycle, to drive-up recycling rates.
  • Ensure weekly collections of food waste, which is often smelly and unpleasant, for every household – restoring weekly collections in some local authorities. This will be subject to consultation which will also consider free garden waste collections for households with gardens, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill
  • Introduce a deposit return scheme, subject to consultation, to increase the recycling of single-use drinks containers including bottles, cans, and disposable cups filled at the point of sale.
  • Explore mandatory guarantees and extended warranties on products, to encourage manufacturers to design products that last longer and drive up the levels of repair and re-use.
  • Introduce annual reporting of food surplus and waste by food businesses. Should progress be insufficient, we will consult on introducing mandatory targets for food waste prevention.
  • Clamp-down on illegal movements of waste at home and abroad by introducing compulsory electronic tracking of waste, and tougher penalties for rogue waste crime operators if they mislabel their waste to dodge tax rules.

The governments press release can be read here

The full strategy can be read here

For comment and further information please contact Sally Cullimore, Policy Executive.


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