A survey to investigate the future skills need of the UK Ornamental Horticulture sector is being carried out to provide insight about the potential training and resource gaps for the £24.2billion industry.

Results from the survey will help equip the sector with knowledge to inform a skills strategy, tailored to the industry and to help provide data to support funding and resource decisions.

According to a report by Oxford Economics, the UK ornamental industry supported 568,700 jobs in 2017, amounting to 1.6 percent of total UK employment.  

One of the outcomes of the Ornamental Horticulture Roundtable Group was the introduction of a subcommittee focussing on skills and education within our industry, the group have commissioned Pye Tait Consulting to carry out this research. The survey will act as a data point to investigate the future skills needs of the Ornamental Horticulture sector and identify skills gaps and any potential workforce challenges facing our sector, now and in the future.

The survey objective is to secure 1000 responses from the different Ornamental Horticulture employment sectors within our industry to seek the views of the industry. HTA members will be contacted and may have already received a request to participate in the survey.

The survey is being conducted via phone, giving businesses the opportunity to provide their views on skills development, workforce needs, the impact of automation, training needs and requirements. This feedback will help to inform a skills strategy tailored to our sector. In addition, individual interviews and group meetings for business stakeholders are planned for May and June to further develop and inform the research.

An online survey is available to complete here: pyetait.com/OHRG-Skills-Survey. If you would like further information or wish to participate in additional focus groups, please contact: Michael Oberreuter on 01423 509433 or via m.oberreuter@pyetait.com

Anne Clark, Director of HR & Learning at the HTA said: “This is a unique and vital opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the labour force within the UK Ornamental Horticulture sector. It will enable the industry to review any skills gaps, provide future proofing and equip the industry to secure relevant funding to make changes happen.”


Notes to editor:

Oxford Economics: The Economic Impact of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping in the UK: https://hta.org.uk/resourceLibrary/the-economic-impact-of-ornamental-horticulture-and-landscaping-in-the-uk-pdf.html

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