The HTA is aware of Michael Gove's statement of Monday (10 February) warning businesses of “significant change” with “inevitable” border checks for “almost everybody” who imports from the EU from next year.

Currently, there are no confirmed details of how this will directly affect the horticulture industry, however the HTA is in continual contact with the relevant Government departments on this matter, ensuring members interests are represented in any potential trade deal with the EU and other countries.

As more details are confirmed, the HTA will communicate relevant details to membership on the effects that changes may have. In the meantime the HTA asks members to feed back to their thoughts about potential trade difficulties affecting individuals and business, including any comments on the cost implications which face the industry. This is whether businesses directly import or not, plus any other observations members may have, in order that the HTA can feed into the Governments Eu Exit negotiations to ensure we get as best a deal as possible for the horticulture industry.

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