The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) is a landscaping specialist group within the HTA. Formed over 20 years ago it continually strives to become the leading authority in domestic landscaping in the UK.

The association is an operating partner for Trustmark a government endorsed accreditation scheme. This relationship forms the very foundation of our process and our charter.

As a member of the APL, you will have the benefit of an annual inspection. An inspection that not only provides your customers with confidence, but also provides you with the confidence that your business is kept up to date with latest legislation and best practice.

Through this site you will you will be able to find all relevant documents and information to help your business grow, but also information around events and meetings and background on the committee and key staff members who are dedicated to working for you. A team who are keen along with the support of the HTA to continue to develop the APL community that continues to grow year on year.

Landspace Testimonial

Sebastian Cunard, Managing Director

Back in June we were working on a Design and Build project in North London.

It was all going well, (despite the usual site issues of access!) and the client seemed over the moon with the transformation of their garden; to the point that they bestowed thank you gifts and cards to all of the team.

On the last day of the job the client suddenly became concerned about a small discrepancy in step height on two bottom risers.

We had already explained that this would be the case during the build and the client seemed fine with this; although in hindsight we should have had a written confirmation for this change.

It was an unfortunate discrepancy but was unavoidable due to the complexity of the site conditions; all the other steps were at a uniform height.

The client became fixated about the health and safety of the steps. We tried to reassure the client, going online to find some written confirmation but alas there was nothing to collaborate what we were telling our client. Nothing it seemed, was going to reassure them.

We phoned up the planning office to seek advice about step heights and we were told that there is no legislation for garden steps.

We asked about the Health and Safety aspect of having the top and bottom riser 40mm higher than the rest of the steps and we were told that Health and Safety would not be interested and would certainly not require to do a site visit.

We also asked the opinion of a fellow leading landscape contractor who confirmed that such a discrepancy was not an issue.

We advised the client of our findings but they were still not happy.

All the information online was saying the same thing; all risers should be uniform.

The client informed us that they would be contacting the APL as they were not happy with what we were telling her.

It was a stressful time as they were also withholding a substantial amount of money which was putting the business under strain.

Initially we called the legal team; a service that is part of the APL/HTA membership to advise of the situation.

They were able to advise us as to how we should initially correspond with our client, helping us to formulate the correct legal terminology and explained what position we should take.

When the client informed us that they would be contacting the APL we decided to phone Phil Treymayne and explained to him what was happening.

It's at times like this that you really value being part of an organisation such as the APL.

We can't tell you how much stress they alleviated from our shoulders. They did everything they could to support us through what could have been a very damaging outcome both credibly and financially.

There is a term, 'A friend in need is a friend in deed'. The APL proved that they are an organisation that truly is set up to support, promote and advise all of its members and especially when really needed.

We have been members since 2010 and value their continuing support helping us grow our business which we value immensely .

The mediation between the APL and the client resulted with the full payment of the money owed.

Thank you to everyone at the APL especially Phil Tremayne and Alan Sargeant for all your help during those trying times.