The BHGA are proud to announce that their garden "Heathers in Harmony" was presented with a Gold Award, was judged to be be Best Small Garden and also Most Creative Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Palace Flower Show 2011. The garden was featured on BBC2's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show on Thursday 7th July presented by Monty Don, Alys Fowler and Chris Beardshaw, who had the following to say:-

Monty Don (in conversation with Alys Fowler, while sitting in the “Heathers in Harmony” garden: transcript from BBC2 tv):
“I was walking past here the other day, and stopped in my tracks on this garden. I thought: That’s lovely, because, I thought – it’s heathers – I don’t really like heathers. And I had to reassess, sort of in a second, my whole world view of a whole order of plants and how they could be used, And, d’you know, that’s a gift: you cannot ask for more than that when you go and see a show.”

Chris Beardshaw (also as he was in the “Heathers in Harmony” garden: transcript from BBC2 tv):
“Heathers in a garden may be slightly unusual sight here at Hampton Court. They have been out of fashion for many years, and that is why this green wall of winter-flowering heathers is such a wonderful sight. These are plants which are very adventurous. They don’t mind tumbling over rock-faces and in scree, and so they are perfect candidates for this style of gardening. If vertical gardening is set to revolutionize winter-flowering heathers, then the subtle use of the Daboecia as an edging plant in place of plants like the rosemary, the lavender and the thyme – as long as you have an acid soil rich in organic matter – then why not employ these wonderful candidates to tickle your ankles as you walk through the garden path.”

To raise awareness of this versatile yet undervalued plant the BHGA staged a small garden (PAL/323) at this year's RHS show. “Heathers in Harmony” was designed by Will Quarmby, runner up in the RHS National Young Designer of the Year 2010.

Will produced a stunning modern urban garden for a family requiring a low maintenance space in which to relax and entertain. It was arranged over three levels creating separate areas within, all brought together by a wall created entirely of heather. Dry stone walling runs the length of the two lower levels, acting as a backdrop to the range of heathers which provide year-round flower and foliage colour.

“Heathers in Harmony” was home to a hive of Bumblebees, an important pollinating insect, which is sadly in decline. Heathers are bee friendly plants providing essential food.

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The BHGA was established in 1986 by a group of commercial heather growers who believed that there would be considerable benefit in developing closer working relationships with their fellow growers. As such the membership consisted of growers from all geographical regions of the British Isles.

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The BHGA’s objectives are to advance, promote, safeguard and protect the interests of the commercial heather growing industry in the British Isles, to make representations to Government and other public bodies on issues of importance, to introduce new and improved varieties to the market and initiate future research and development. It is only the subscribing members who can influence and directly benefit from the marketing, public relations, and the breeding or selection initiatives which the BHGA instigates. Membership of the BHGA is available to all commercial heather growers. Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

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