Explore the OHAS Certified Suppliers list below, or download the spreadsheet here.

Site Name: OHAS Membership number OHAS Grower Standard (GS) OHAS Packhouse Standard (PS) OHAS Growing Media Standard (GM) Contact Details Email Phone number website Additional info
Allensmore Nurseries Ltd OHAS0009 Yes Yes   Brian Taylor [email protected] 01981 500940 http://www.allensmore.co.uk Grower & Packhouse, Wholesale nursery, supplier to GC/Multiples
Arden Lea Ltd OHAS0010 Yes     Sarah Fairhurst [email protected] 01772  812951   Grower, wholesale plant supplies
AWE Horticulture / Poplar Farm Flowers Ltd OHAS0067 Yes Yes   Ian White [email protected] 01945 440242   Grower & Packhouse, Wholesale plants and flowers
Bordon Hill Nurseries Ltd OHAS0007 Yes Yes   Malcolm Tanner [email protected] 01789 292792 www.bordonhill.com  Grower & Packhouse, Wholesale ornamentals & seasonal finished goods
Bury Lane Farm (EW Pepper) OHAS0064 Yes     Steve Ward [email protected] 01763 264240 www.burylanefarmshop.co.uk/about-us/ Grower (farm shop retailer)
Colleta &Tyson ADAS Yes      Stefan Atanasov [email protected] 7720560057 http://www.coletta.co.uk/ Grower, Wholesale mixed ornamentals
Double H (Nurseries) Ltd OHAS0028 Yes Yes   Liz Edwards [email protected] 07506 766 142 https://www.doubleh.co.uk/ Grower & Packhouse, Wholesale plant nursery 
E M Cole (Farms) Ltd OHAS0059 Yes  Yes   James Cole [email protected] 01775 640218 www.emcolefarms.com/ Grower & Packhouse, Cut flowers 
Earley Ornamentals Ltd OHAS0013 Yes     Simon Earley [email protected]s.co.uk 01845 524511 www.earleyornamentals.co.uk/ Grower, Wholesale mixed ornamentals
The Farplants Group  OHAS0164 Yes Yes   Kiran Putha [email protected] 01243 553311 http://www.farplants.co.uk Grower and Packhouse, comprising: Binsted Nursery (OHAS0042) , Fleurie Nursery (OHAS 0044), Toddington Nursery (OHAS 0040), Walberton Nursery (OHAS 0038)
James Finlays Horticulture Ltd - Lemotit KENYA OHAS0055   Yes   Jane Ndirangu [email protected]   https://www.finlays.net Packhouse, Cut flowers
Flamingo Plants (previously Butters Group Ltd )  OHAS0088 Yes Yes   Gavin Gill [email protected] 01775 768831 https://flamingo.net/  Grower & Packhouse, Mixed Ornamentals
Flamingo Flowers UK Ltd - Spalding OHAS0146   Yes   Margaret Gosling [email protected] 01767 640421 https://www.flamingo.net/ Grower & Packhouse, Cut Flowers 
Flash Flowers - Flash Tarim Urunleri Ltd OHAS0134   Yes   Mustafa Dokuyucu [email protected] +90 242 340 2608 www.flashflower.com Packhouse, Cut flowers
Florna Plants OHAS0193 Yes     Chris Brookes [email protected] 01772 814666 https://www.flornaplants.co.uk Mixed Ornamentals, bedding, finished goods to retail multiples
Greeen Plus Ltd OHAS0148   Yes   Ina Watts [email protected] 01778 393930 http://www.greeenplus.co.uk/ Packhouse potted plants to supermarkets and retailers
Hill Brothers OHAS0082 Yes Yes   Greg Hill [email protected] 01243 782119 http://www.hillsplants.com/ Grower & Packhouse, Ornamentals wholesale and Supermarket base.
Hopeman Christmas Trees OHAS0178   Yes   Duncan Forbes [email protected] none http://www.gejlager.dk/uk/ Grower & Packhouse, Christmas Trees
J A Collison & Sons OHAS0074 Yes Yes   Diane Collison [email protected] 01553 828406 http://www.collisoncutflowers.co.uk/ Growers and Packhouse. Cut flowers to the retails supply chain
Joseph Rochford Gardens OHAS0046 Yes     Rebecca Grant [email protected] 01707261370 www.rochfords.net Grower, Wholesaler nursery and Cash & Carry supplying ornamentals to the Landscape & Amenity sector
JPS Flowers LTD  OHAS0188   Yes   Sebastian Labaszewski [email protected] 07980 984359 www.jpsflowers.com/about.html Packhouse, Cut Flowers, floral tributes
JZ Flowers International Ltd OHAS0099   Yes   Jonny Young [email protected] 01430 472500 https://jzflowers.co.uk/ Packhouse, Floral bouquets for UK retail market
KJ Cursons OHAS0177 Yes     Stuart Gibson [email protected] 01945 773105   Wholesale Growers of bedding plants, pot plants and pumpkins
K Martin & Son OHAS0123   Yes   Tony Wright  [email protected] 01406 425129   Packhouse, Cut Flowers
Keelings Flowers OHAS0131   Yes   Jean Dunne [email protected] 00353 (0) 86 0232866  https://keelings.ie/corporate/ Grower & Packhouse, Fresh flowers and plants
Kernock Plants OHAS0065 Yes     Julian Cooper [email protected] 01579 350561 http://www.kernock.co.uk Grower, Wholesale ornamentals
Kongoni River -All Divisions OHAS0181   Yes   Simon Kimari [email protected] / [email protected]   (+)254 702909096 www.vegpro-group.com/group-companies/kongoni-river-farm-ltd Packhouse, Cut Flowers. Comprising Gorge (OHAS0181), Timau (OHAS0180), Galaxy (OHAS0190), Star Flowers (OHAS0126), Liki (OHAS0127) & Longonot (OHAS0126) 
L & D Flowers  OHAS0105 Yes Yes   Lauren Senior [email protected] 01775 680110   Growers & Packhouses, Cut flowers
Lambs Flowers Ltd OHAS0096   Yes   Sue Lamb [email protected] 01775 680641 http://www.floralife.com/en-gb/spotlight/farm/Lambs-Flowers-Ltd Grower & Packhouse, Protected ornamentals
Lovania Nurseries Ltd OHAS0018 Yes     Anna Szalbierz [email protected] 01772817993 www.lovania.co.uk Grower, Wholesale mixed ornamentals to multiples and GC's
Maurice Crouch (Growers) LTD  OHAS0183   Yes   Andy Hurley [email protected] 01354 637800   Packhouse, Cut Flowers
MM Flowers Ltd OHAS0114   Yes   Aneta Andrzejczyk  [email protected] 01354 697500 www.mm-flowers.com Packhouse, Cut Flowers
Moolenaar B.V. - Netherlands OHAS0089   Yes   Fred Broere [email protected] + www.moolenaar.nl Packhouse, Bulbs
Morrisons Flowerworld OHAS0187   Yes   Selina Berridge [email protected] 01332 777970 https://my.morrisons.com/flowers/ Packhouse, Cut flowers
Newey OHAS0185 Yes     Jon Weymouth [email protected] 01789 459000 www.newey.com Grower, Mixed ornamentals
Opperman Plants Ltd OHAS0142 Yes Yes   Alex Opperman [email protected] 01775 710646 http://www.oppermanplants.com/ Grower & Packhouse, wholesale bedding, succulents and houseplants
Penta Tancom Ltd T/A Penta Flowers OHAS0159   Yes   Bryan Gatunga [email protected] 254 6752 044  www.theflowerhub.net/our-sources/penta-flowers Packhouse, Cut flowers
Pentland Plants OHAS0012 Yes     Carolyn Spray [email protected] 01314 400895 www.pentlandplants.co.uk Grower, Bedding plants
Pinetops Nurseries Ltd OHAS0189 Yes Yes   Rory Paton [email protected] 01590 677855   Grower & Packhouse, Indoor and outdoor Hydrangeas, Lilies, Succulents, Camissia, Poinsettias & Hellebores
Primarosa Flowers - Ol Joro Orok -KENYA OHAS0140   Yes   Peter Kibe [email protected] 254 709507000 www.primarosaflowers.com Grower & Packhouse; Roses Kenya
PS & JE Ward  OHAS0079 Yes Yes   Susanne Eves [email protected] 01553 828283 https://belmontnurseries.co.uk/ Grower & Packhouse, Cut flowers 
Rainforest Farmlands Kenya OHAS0182   Yes   Berline Mikal [email protected] 254729961713.00 www.fleurafrica.com/ Packhouse, Cut Flowers
Ravine Roses Ltd - Karen Roses Ltd OHAS0155   Yes   Peter Kamuren [email protected] / [email protected] 254722717187 www.karenroses.com Packhouse, Cut flowers
Rowe Farming Ltd OHAS0147   Yes   Harriet Fletcher [email protected] 01209 610 930 www.rowefarming.co.uk Packhouse, Cut flowers
Smith & Munson OHAS0191 Yes Yes   Edward Munson [email protected] 01406 363234 www.smithandmunson.com/ Grower & Packhouse, Cut flowers
Superflora OHAS0084P1   Yes   Danny Carvalheira [email protected] 01406 420521 www.superflora.nl/ Cut flowers
Taylors Bulbs OHAS0165   Yes   Sue Taylor [email protected] 01406 422266 www.taylors-bulbs.com/ Taylors are the leading supplier of Flowering Bulbs & associated products to Garden Centres & Nurseries in the UK & Rep of Ireland
The Elite Flowers       OHAS0161   Yes   Milton Uribe [email protected] +571 891 0444 www.eliteflower.com Packhouse, Cut flowers
Transflor OHAS0066   Yes   Angela Coles  [email protected] 01775 820 539 www.transflor.co.uk 3rd party Packhouse
Varfell Farms OHAS0135   Yes   Sylivie Pearson [email protected]   www.varfell.com Packhouse, Cut flowers and bulbs
Vegpro Agriculture PLC - Debrezeit Division OHAS0172   Yes   Simon Kimari [email protected]  (+)254 702909096 www.vegpro-group.com Packhouse, Cut flowers
Volmary Ltd OHAS0166 Yes Yes   Francis Mizuro [email protected] 01945 410411 www.volmary.com Grower & Packhouse, Mixed ornamentals
Westland Horticulture OHAS0121     Yes Andrea Marshall [email protected] 07721 849678 www.sinclairpro.com Leading manufacturers of professional & retail growing media and fertilisers  offering a specialised range of peat reduced, peat free blends and fertilisers for commerical cgrowers.
Wyeplants ltd OHAS0192 Yes Yes   Chris James  [email protected] 01775 722408 www.wyeplants.co.uk Grower & Packhouse, Clematis, climbers and ornamentals