The 'Voice' of the horticulture industry is represented by the HTA within a variety of forums whether to the UK government or other organisations that may impact on the wellbeing and success of the industry. We are actively presenting the industries point of view on many issues and legislative matters such as plant health (passporting) or business operations (Sunday trading). We also operate internationally with partners to ensure british horticulture industry is presented positively and reflects well on its capability in the global arena.

To enable the HTA to represent those interests effectively and be timely in our responses, we have provided an online mechanism to consult with our members on many and varied topics. Members are encouraged to participate in the consultations that the HTA run from time to time. All responses are read and contribute to forming the industry Voice and ensures that the most representative opinion of industry is developed. 

Working alongside our Consultations activity are HTA Campaigns. These are activities that may be short term though some can continue for years. The HTA will manage a campaign on behalf of the industry to influence government opinion and to enable a change or implementation of new legislation that benefits the industry. Online we explain the problem, what the impact of that problem is on the industry and present a solution. Find out more about our current Campaigns here.