Document 5 May 2016

Asset record template

Template to record company assets.

Document 25 February 2016

Charging for single use carrier bags

Over the last few years, each of the devolved regions in the UK ( England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) has introduced its own legislation setting out the circumstances in which retailers are required to charge customers for plastic carrier bags. This guide summarizes the broad requirements of each of the schemes.

Document 1 March 2016

Setting up Concessions in Garden Centres

This leaflet sets out the advantages and potential pitfalls of manned concession spaces in retail outlets and what steps need to be taken legally.

Document 20 August 2018

Plant Pest Factsheet - Xylella Fastidiosa.pdf

The bacterial pathogen, Xylella fastidiosa, colonises xylem vessels; and when the vessels become blocked, disease symptoms are produced, which include wilts, diebacks, stunts and leaf scorches.