Document 5 April 2018

HTA News Mar18 Issue Final - Health and Horticulture.pdf

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, but most people aren't aware of how gardening and having plants can help your mental health.

Document 26 February 2016

Guidance on plant protection products (sustainable use) regulations 2012

These regulations came into force on 18 July 2012 and transpose the EU's Sustainable Use Directive into UK legislation. They are relevant to those who use or supply pesticides in both the professional and non-professional sectors.

Document 8 January 2019

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Document 26 February 2016

Risk assessment template

Template to help you identify and manage risk.

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Cultivation Street

Cultivation Street is a national gardening campaign backed by the horticultural industry which promotes community and school gardening.

Document 20 August 2018

Plant Passporting - An Introduction

Xylella Notice: Please be aware that ALL PLANTS on the EU ‘host list’ for Xylella must be officially inspected and then move with a plant passport.