Document 16 March 2017

Small Retailer Tips

These tips are based on other retailer’s experiences, and cover a wide variety of topics. We hope that you find them useful and that they're of value to you and your business.

Document 1 March 2016

A guide to Sunday Trading rules for retailers

The Sunday Trading Act 1994 sets out the current laws for trading on sunday and these are summarised here. These are under review at the current time and a Bill called the Enterprise Bill, is currently going through Parliament. If passed this will give powers to Local Authorities to extend sunday trading hours in their constituencies if they wish. The bill is subject too much debate and the HTA is campaigning hard to get the rules relaxed for garden centres. For more information about this campaign please visit the HTA Policy Page.

Advice on valuing garden centres

This note covers three key areas that garden centre owners should take into account when valuing their garden centre business, namely the land and buildings, trade fixtures and fittings and the market perception of the trading potential excluding personal goodwill.

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