Sustainability Resources

Practical resources to help you on your journey

Here you can find resources from the HTA, and a list of resources from other external sources. 

We hope you find them useful. Please let us know if any links are broken by emailing [email protected] 

HTA Member Resources in Sustainability

Writing a Sustainability Plan

A practical how-to guide, developed with Planet Mark, to be used with the Sustainability Plan Template. It will help you embed sustainability into your business plans

Sustainability Plan Template

A template document, written by Planet Mark, for you to fill in, expand and use as a practical tool for writing a Sustainability Plan for your business.

Market Trends and Gardeners' Attitudes to Sustainability

With increasing attention on the environment, this report for HTA members provides some of the latest market and consumer trends in this area.

Carbon, Energy and Garden Retail

A guide to sustainable business practice

Water Use in Garden Retail

A guide to sustainable business practice

Water Use in Ornamental Production

A guide to sustainable business practice

Complying with Regulations on Environmental Claims in Marketing

A how to guide developed to help HTA members understand the changes in consumer protection law, focusing on making environmental claims in marketing

Checklist for Making Environmental Claims in Marketing

This is a supplementary checklist, to be used alongside our guide to the new rules on environmental claims in marketing under consumer protection law from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).